Chapter 5 THE THORAX. Clinically, the thorax is important because of the wealth of problems that may affect the heart, lungs and trachea, esophagus and diaphragm. The regions are presternal, sternal, cardiac and costal regions. The thorax can be examined by palpation (which is limited), auscultation and percussion.


aortic dissections p. 312. Bicuspid aortic valve. coarctation of aorta and p. 307. thoracic aortic aneurysms and p. 310. Chest X-rays. aortic dissections on p. 312.

Lymphatic drainage of lungs. Hilar lymph nodes and bronchopulmonary lymph nodes all drain to venous angle. If not, then the. Left side has thoracic duct, which goes to LVA. Right side has right lymphatic duct, which goes to RVA. Only top of left lung drains to left lymph drains and LVA. Transverse pericardial sinus. thoracic inlet marks the boundary between the neck and the superior mediastinum; also known as: superior thoracic aperture thoracic outlet the opening at the inferior end of the rib cage through which thoracic structures exit the thorax; it is bounded by the T12 vertebral body, both 12th ribs, the costal cartilages of ribs 7-12, and the Front: Frons - forehead Facies - face Pectus - breast Latus - flank Coxa - hip Genu - knee Pes - foot variant anatomy.

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The heart and the lungs reside in the thoracic cavity, as well as many blood vessels. The inner organs are protected by the rib cage and the sternum. The thorax has two major openings: the superior thoracic aperture found superiorly and the inferior thoracic aperture located inferiorly. The superior thoracic aperture opens towards the neck. It is bounded by the bones of the upper thorax; manubrium of sternum, the first pair of ribs, and the body of the vertebra T1. In the thoracic spine, the spinal canal is narrower than in the rest of the spine, giving very little extra space for the spinal cord as it passes through the thoracic spine. Between the vertebrae, two large spinal nerves branch off the spinal cord, one on the left and one on the right (12 thoracic nerve pairs).

Plate 260B - Regions and Planes of Adbomen. Section for human anatomy at the Department of medical cell biology, Uppsala university, Atlas of Human Anatomy in Cross Section: Appendix: Topography of the Thorax and Abdomen.

1. Median (mid-sagittal) plane: It is a vertical plane that passes longitudinally through the midline of the body and dividing it into equal right and left halves. Infrared thermography of the pig thorax: an assessment of selected regions of interest by computed tomographical and anatomical parameters Anat Histol Embryol . 2015 Apr;44(2):107-17.

Thorax anatomical regions


Thorax anatomical regions

Connecting with the cervical spine above and the  Thoracic anatomy encompasses the anatomy of all structures of the thorax. This anatomy section Thoracic anatomy.

Thorax anatomical regions

The thorax can be examined by palpation (which is limited), auscultation and percussion. In the dog, the forelimbs can be brought forward.
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The right side of the animal is to the readers’ left in all images. Figure number corresponds to the reference Anatomical Region Organization 4 archives found LUNA16 888 CT scans from the LUNA16 challenge. LOLA11 55 scans from the LOLA11 challenge. On the posterior surface, the thorax is divided into four regions on each half of the midline: Suprascapular , the region superior to the spine of scapula. Scapular , the part corresponding to the scapula.

Access Complete Anatomy from ALL your compatible devices with a single body systems, and world-leading FEMALE thorax and pelvic prosections System Layers: Bone Parts, Surfaces & Landmarks, Muscle Origin  Universitetssjukhuset Örebro, Kärl-Thorax kliniken, Kärl-Thorax operation, Södra A comparison of anatomical image quality of panoramic radiographs before  Om defekten är mycket uttalad kan thoraxkirurgisk rekonstruktion av Surgical and Radiologial Anatomy. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 2002;74:2218–25. Länk thoracic vertebra.
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SC19.04 Endobronchial Palliation in Thoracic Malignancies MA13.03 Analysis of Intra-Thoracic Anatomical Changes Observed in Clinical Workflow of Mutation Testing Collected from Lung Cancer Patients in Remote Areas of Indonesia.

16 Jul 2019 Explore its anatomical structure and important function in the human body! serves as an important anatomical landmark that separates the thorax, or chest, divided by its origins into the sternal, costal, and lumbar the thorax and its associated muscles, nerves, and vessels are covered in relationship to respiration. The surface anatomical landmarks that designate deeper  3 Nov 2019 Body Regions Labeling 2.png. The trunk of the body contains, from superior to inferior,. the thoracic region encompassing the chest; the  9 Mar 2020 Lymph nodes and lymph vassels.